How to migrate WordPress site to new host

Migrating wordpress site to a new host is always risky and stressful task because there is a chance of losing site performance as well as informative data. There is a possibility of the damaging site while migrating wordPress site to new host and downtime because of this it sometimes becomes impossible for search engine bots and user to access your site.

So there is the strategy that every website owner has to follow for the purpose of migrating wordPress site. There are several steps that help you to migrate your WordPress site to a new host.

Steps to migrate WordPress site to new host

Step 1 – The first thing which you need to do  is to choose your new wordpress host

When searching for another WordPress facilitating supplier, it’s important to pick right host, so you don’t need to move again at any point in the near future.

Step 2 –  Activate the duplicate plugin in your new WordPress host

This plugin is totally free you can install it in your new WordPress host. This task may take your few minutes. To do so go to your wordpress dashboard click on the plugin>>add new button.

Step 3 –  Import your wordpress site to a new host –

You can do this by connecting to your new web hosting using FTP ( File Transfer Protocol).

Be that as it may since your name is indicating your previous host, you’ll have to interface by entering your server’s IP address or server hostname. You can discover this data from your new facilitating record’s cPanel dashboard.

Step 4 – Once you completed your importation in your new host you have to create MySQL database on your new host –

Before we run the installer on the new host, you should make a MySQL database on your new facilitating record. In the event that you have just made a MySQL database, at that point you can hop to the following stage.

 Step 5 –  Begin the duplicate migration process –

When you will run migration process then you have to go through all terms and conditions and at last it will ask you to enter your MySQL host, database name, username, password.

Step 6 – And the last step is to update your Domain Name Servers (DNS)  to migrate wordpress site to new host –

To refresh your name, you have to switch your DNS nameservers. This guarantees your clients are taken to the right area of your site when they type your website into their browser.

For this, we will tell you the best way to change DNS nameservers with GoDaddy.

If you register your domain with new with your hosting provider than its best to transfer the domain to new host.

For GoDaddy, you have to log in to your GoDaddy record and after that click on Domains.

From that point, you have to tap on the Manage catch alongside the area name you need to change.Through this way, you can migrate a WordPress site to a new host.

Make sure that migrate WordPress site to a new host may be risky because you have the chances to lose your all data, that’s why outsource service is the better option. We provide the best WordPress support services that help you to make it easier all the migration process.

 Why you should prefer wordpress migration plugin –

  1. It is the easiest way to migrate wordpress site to a new host
  2. All hosting provider would not offer free wordpress migration
  3. Using plugin your all data will safe.

There are a lot of plugins which helps you to migrate WordPress site to new host easily. Let’s see:

Plugin to migrate WordPress site to new hosting

1. WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB is fully focused on your WordPress database. If you have ever tried to move the WordPress site manually, then you know that the database is the most disturbing part. Normally transferring your other files is a matter of copying and pasting but transferring the database may be difficult.

2. All-in-One WP Migration

This is a free plugin with premium extensions that is fully focused on moving your site to a new server or domain name. It transfers your database and your files, which means that it handles all aspects of migration.

All-in-One WP Migration uses some amazing tricks to ensure that it works for all hosting providers. Firstly it exports/imports data in 3 seconds, which allows it to bypass any restrictions placed by your host. This is similar to uploading some size, so even if your host restricts uploads at a certain maximum, the all-in-one WP Migration will still be able to transfer your site.

3. VaultPress

It comes directly from the company behind WordPress, automatic. VaultPress backs up and protects every part of your WordPress site. After you have a backup, it is very easy to clone your site with a VaultPress restore at a new location, restore it to a different site tool.

4. WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone is an excellent migration plugin that has a major differentiating factor as you have to rotate around your FTP program in order to handle your migration.

You only need to install a fresh WordPress installation site where you want to clone your WordPress site.

After this, you just have to install the WP Clone plugin on your latest install and it will handle the migration for you. If you do not know how to install the plugin, take a look at our article on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

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