Tips To Plan An Adventurous Trip With Your Friends

You might have gone on several unplanned trips with your spouse or family. But, there are very few instances when you successfully plan a trip with your friends and actually go for it.

Often, the planning process of your trip is so time consuming and exhausting that you end up discarding the plan altogether. However, to make your task simpler and more convenient, we have discussed an easy guide to plan an adventurous trip, especially with your friends.

Have a single or dual point of contact

If you are a group of 5-7 and if all of you simultaneously do the same tasks then it is likely to be chaotic, confusing and far too time-consuming. However, if every one of you takes the initiative of managing different tasks then multiple tasks can be accomplished simultaneously.

When you assign each individual a particular task for the trip, the overall stress to plan a trip reduces. For example, if 2 individuals have been assigned the task of arranging accommodation, one is asked to look for activities which can be carried on and one is asked to search for a suitable travel option.

This way, each and every member is involved in the planning process.

The dilemma of whether to book or not to book

The travelling expense can be one of the prominent reasons for your trip going over budget. It is, therefore, wise to keep a track of the changing air ticket prices of the destination you have shortlisted.

This continuous evaluation will help you to determine when to book your tickets and at what price. If you note that the festive season is around the corner and air fares are bound to increase, then you probably should not wait longer and just book them.

Share the fare details with your group before you book tickets to ensure that the fare and airport spot is feasible for everyone. While searching for flight options you can also get an estimated cost of driving to that location. At times, it happens that driving to a place is comparatively cheaper than catching a flight.

Pre-plan a few activities

Although, you do not have an itinerary for every hour of your trip but you definitely must have some particular activities for which you are visiting that place. If not, then you must research for potential activities you can indulge in.

For instance, if you are spending a day around Northampton then you can probably plan activities like pit stop challenge, kit karts and show cars. This way, you can make optimal use of the time that you have.

Some event companies offer group discounts and if you pre-book your visit. This will help you to save your money. However, while planning makes sure that you list limited activities because if you include too many activities you will be exhausted.

Moreover, there is a possibility that if one of the activity gets delayed you entire schedule might go haywire.

Common budget

Budget is one major factor which every group must consider while planning a trip. Often, friends have different ideas about the trip and how much they are willing to spend on it.

However, before you actually make your bookings it is important to ask your friends whether they are willing to spend ‘X’ amount on this trip. If either of them disagree, search for alternative options so that they can also join you on the trip.

If possible collect a part of the payment from your friends so that you can make advance payments for your accommodations, travel and other adventurous activities.

Common Spot to plan

It is difficult and time-consuming to call your friends, again and again, to ask about their preferences. Instead, you can meet at a common place and plan your trip or you can create a chat group where everyone can share their opinions.

You can also use internet banking or e-pay portals to make your transactions convenient. This way, you do not have to carry much cash and you can easily transfer money as and when required and to whomsoever.

Planning group trips can be overwhelming but all the efforts are worthwhile as you enjoy an amazing trip with your friends.

Alok Kumar

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